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Short & sweet – cooking class, Valentine’s Day & a recipe

Welcome to Lucio’s January/February 2012 Newsletter

We’ll make this newsletter short and sweet with just 2 events, a little art and a delicious Blueberry Crostata recipe…

Lucio’s Hands On Cooking Class

Monday 30th January 2012

Lucio presents a hands-on cooking class at the wonderful Sydney Seafood School.

He will demonstrate 3 courses inspired from his last two books on Liguria and The Art of Pasta, which you will then cook and eat for yourselves. Lucio doesn’t do these classes very often but when he does it is always a fun night, and you will definitely learn something new.

Class time is from 6.30-9.30pm and bookings can be made online via the
Sydney Seafood School

Valentine’s Day

Tuesday 14th February 2012

Due to high demand this is the only night of the year that we offer a double seating.

The menu is our usual a la carte so you can tailor the evening to suit your budget, whether it be a first date or celebrating decades together.

Seatings will be as follows:

1st seating
6.00pm – table to be vacated by 8.00pm
6.30pm – table to be vacated by 8.30pm
7.00pm – table to be vacated by 9.00pm

2nd seating
8.30pm, 9.00pm and 9.30pm

Book via email at or call us on 02 9380 5996.

Lucio and the Art

Many of you will be familiar with Lucio’s passion for Art.

Each newsletter we will try to fit in a little story about some of the works and their background.

Over the years Lucio has built an extensive collection of amazing works of many Australian artists through the friendship that he has with them.

The plates above are part of a set of (now) 20. To celebrate Lucio’s 15th year in Paddington he gave a blank white unglazed ceramic plate to 15 artists and asked to them “do whatever you like”. Most of them had never worked with ceramics but each one of them was very excited about the prospect and each produced a beautiful and unique piece. The five above were painted by (from left to right) Frank Hodgkinson, Michael Johnson, Tim Storrier, Fred Cress and Bryan Westwood.

BBC World Radio saw an article about the plates in the Sydney Morning Herald, and were so impressed they interviewed Lucio and expressed a desire to see something similar in London.

As we are coming up to our 30th year there will be 10 more plates joining the collection soon.

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