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We won – twice! Thank you so much.

Welcome to Lucio’s April 2012 Newsletter

The Art

Hello again friends,

This is so very exciting, and simply amazing.

2012 IACP Cookbook Award Winners were announced 2nd April in New York

The Art of Pasta has Won! Twice!

Food Photography & Styling – Winner, The Art of Pasta

People’s Choice Award, Cookbook – Winner, The Art of Pasta

Congratulations to our brilliant photographer Anson Smart, super stylist, Rachel Brown, wise and kind editor Alison Cowan and of course artist extraordinaire, Luke Sciberras.

And a very special thank you, to you, dear reader, for voting in the People’s Choice award, particularly those of you who left so many extraordinary and beautiful comments about our book and in particular, about our restaurant.

See below for some of the lovely comments you made.

Lucio and I are so proud and honoured every time we can welcome you in to Lucio’s.

The full list of the winners is available here

IACP Thank you your lovely comments. They mean so much to all of us.

Favourite restaurant for our family and friends. Exceptional Italian food, great service and wonderful staff.  Paul Warren

I have been going to Lucio’s since he opened his doors.I always love dining there on special occasions or just for a casual and relaxing meal.  It is my home away from home. May Lucio go on forever. Nick Eddy

My husband has been a patron of Lucio’s for over 30 years. First time I went there, I found out first hand why he loves it so. We go every special occasion and even gave Vouchers to all our children for  Christmas. The food is amazing, fresh, alive with the best of seasonal produce. Add this along with the outstanding service and beautiful food, you’re in heaven. The first time we took our youngest son he said, “If gold had a taste, I think I’ve just tasted it”.  My mouth is watering just thinking about our meals there. Thanks and we’ll be back soon. John & Ros Chapman

Lucios has become our favorite family special occasion restaurant. My first experience there was after winning dinner at a charity event. Even though we weren’t paying guests we were treated like the most important guests there. I have since found out that all guests are treated like royalty. Michaele Somerville

I have been a lover of Lucio’s for decades. I like the simplicity of the place; it has no attitude, just a warm, friendly approach and wonderful, authentic Italian food. I have been going to Italy every year for the last thirty-five years and I can honestly say Lucio’s leaves me more satisfied than any of the restaurants I’ve enjoyed there. I recently took 20 friends there for my 80th birthday. Every one without exception praised Lucio’s food, service and atmosphere. His pasta book reflects the honesty and quality of his restaurant food. Bruce Jarrett

Lucio’s has done so much to put Italian fine dining and hospitality on the map in Sydney. Lucio’s personal service, professionalism and grace acts as an inspiration to all in the industry. Of course, the food and wonderful  atmosphere of the restaurant make it so special to all Sydneysiders ‘in the know’…. So don’t tell too many others! Suzanne Akerman

Lucio’s is the benchmark, to be at the top for so many years is self evident truth, and now with the book, the art of pasta,he has filled a void, among the many culinary books.
Duilio Degli Innocenti

Pam and I met Lucio as a portrait finalist in the Archibald Prize!!! Four hours later we met him in person in his magnificent restaurant for our first menu sensations. We do enjoy his Italian culinary flair when we are at the Prize exhibition each year. Bill & Pam Fary

I have been going to Lucio’s since the opening of the restaurant and feel part of “the family”. It is a pleasure to go there either for lunch or dinner; there is always a warm welcome and wonderful food and wine in a very relaxed and charming atmosphere. Lucio is generous to share many of his secrets with us in his books. Buona fortuna per sempre. Diana Eddy

We travel to Sydney every year to stay several weeks and Lucio’s is first on our list. His pasta is truly sublime. I can’t wait to leave for Australia this year so that I can purchase his book, which is not yet available in the US. Any time a fellow San Franciscan asks us where to dine in Sydney, we each exclaim “Lucio’s”! Carole & Bob White

Very classy authentic Italian food! Anna Lipoma

Lucio’s is sublime… and using his book at home means I can step into heaven whenever I need to!  Christine Hogan

Always try to eat at Lucio’s when we are in Sydney. The food is truly sensational and now this fabulous cook book! wonderful recipes and the illustrations make it a master piece complete!!
Anne Kay

Going to Lucio’s is special – a family, a history, a romance between Sydney and Liguria and food that not only feeds the body but also the soul. We love it! Thank you Lucio and Sally.
Peter & Annette Dezarnaulds

Tracy & I have been going to Lucio’s since the day it opened in the early 80’s. The restaurant experience doesn’t get any friendlier, or indeed better than this, anywhere in the world. Lucio’s new cookbook has been put to good use in our home. It’s well written and informative, and the calligraphy and illustrations give it a genuine charm and personality. Warwick & Tracy Wood

Lucio’s is my long time favourite restaurant with its exquisite fine Italian fare and warm welcoming hospitality from the Galletto family and attentive staff. I’ve used the private room for corporate and personal occasions and I have many fond memories over the past more than thirty years! It’s the first destination and meeting place for my visiting international friends. I’m an avid collector of his books of culinary secrets and Italian pleasures. Glen-Marie Frost

Lucio’s is fantastic. Wonderful food and welcoming host. The book too is fabulous.
Shayne Brown

As a Concierge I need to be able to send Guests to quality Restaurants that are consistent and meet our Guests expectations. Lucio’s does this and the feedback I get is always wonderful which a Concierge relies on. Thanks Lucio’s for being a restaurant that our Guests enjoy dining at from around the world. Peter Brown

Lucio’s sublime experience, as that what dining there is, continuously maintains the best Italian Australian culinary adventure in Australia. The food, the wine , the service , the art, the friendship, all make up the experience.  Also the superb Dale/Galletto adventure food and travel books are a must. When in Italy, visit cousin Mario at Ciccio’s at Bocca di Magra or Carrara. Colin Waldron

Lucios in Sydney is the favourite restaurant in our family. Since we had children we have not been able to afford the price, except when we have a landmark wedding anniversary. Every time we have celebrated, the staff and owner and food make us feel like we are special, and contribute to the memory of nearly 40 years together. Remarkable, if you think of the short time in which a kitchen can go wrong; consistent quality is a tall order. The poor man must be exhausted, and certainly looks older than his 59 years. Lucio is a patron of the arts, too. And some of the world’s greatest will vouch for this reference. All the best.  James