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Coastline. The Food of the Mediterranean

Lucio and David Dale’s latest book is now available for purchase online or in all good book stores.


The perfect pesto. The best bouillabaisse. The purest paella.

From renowned restaurateur Lucio Galletto together with travel writer David Dale comes Coastline. This stunning book, filled with gorgeous on-location photography, explores the food and culture of the Mediterranean coast ranging through Catalonia, Provence and Liguria.

Through stories and recipes, discover the legacy of the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Vikings, who left the gift of a ‘cuisine of the sun’ flavoured with generosity and conviviality.

“This is a book about the pleasure of sharing and how societies that sometimes seem divided are actually united in the details of life that really matter” – David Dale

The delicious ingredient that binds western Italy, southern France and eastern Spain is a river of gold flowing through each region – the olive oil that links three great cuisines, along with a love of garlic, anchovies, peppers, fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables.

Featuring over 80 recipes and stories from the fishing villages, farms and cobbled squares around the western Mediterranean, Coastline explores the origin and evolution of each dish and includes a short travel and restaurant guide for each region.

Lucio Galletto grew up between the tables of his parents’ restaurant on the Italian Riviera, but migrated to Australia to be with the woman he loves. He now runs the acclaimed Sydney restaurant Lucio’s.

David Dale has been described as ‘Australia’s top chef-wrangler’. He’s interested in the story behind everything he eats.

Their work together includes The Art of Pasta, Lucio’s Ligurian Kitchen, and Soffritto – A delicious Ligurian memoir.