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Sommelier Dirk Bromley recommends

Head Sommelier Dirk Bromley’s favourites of the month.


gavi      2016 Gavi ”Spinola” Castello di Tassarolo $68

This light and elegant wine from Piemonte is a classic. From an organic producer, this wine matches beautifully with Lucio’s food, especially the Tagliolini with Blue Swimmer Crab. Enticing, yet subtle flavours emerge across the palate with a balanced acidity. Notes of grapefruit, chamomile and blossom enhance the flavours of the pasta, which is what this wine is made for.


Taturry_Pinot_Noir_1024x1024      2016 Taturry “ Applewood Vineyard” Pinot Noir $90

This Pinot Noir from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is a brilliant expression of the grape. Dark cherry fruits and mushroom-like savouriness combine in harmony, finishing with easy acid.

Winemaker Luke Curry has a long history in the Mornington, but is also regarded as one of a few who truly know how best to whole press Pinot grapes, which makes for a delicious, warm Pinot.

Lucio’s famous Roast Duck dish?  No argument here.


gattinara (1)      2013 Gattinara Nervi $130

This is an amazing Nebbiolo from Piemonte.  For those not familiar with this grape, it has similarities to Pinot Noir, but also has its own distinct voice.

Nebbiolo is the super star of Piemonte. The appellation of Gattinara alongside Barolo and Barbaresco reign supreme.

Established in 1906, Nervi uses traditional techniques and produces a fresh and extremely drinkable wine.

Smoky, complex and yet elegant, the acid and tannins complete the picture.

This wine complements cheese or any savoury dish beautifully, but is outstanding with the famous Alba White Truffles which will be featured at Lucio’s (when available) towards the end of the year.NIKE