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Q & A with Garry Shead June 2019

If you could meet any artist alive or dead who would it be?
There would be a couple I’d like to take to Lucio’s. Salvador Dali would love it, Chagall as well who probably would love to paint on the walls but you would have to first take some paintings down…

You work with all kinds of materials and mediums, what is your favourite artistic tool and/or method?
My favourite medium is oil paint, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. It’s a dangerous medium which requires patience and prayer.

What artist would you say influenced you the most?
I have a few: Rembrandt, Titian and Dobell. I’ll have to add that early on in my career, Brett Whiteley influenced me too.

Your ceramics are unique and stunning, is this a more difficult process?
No, it’s not more difficult because I work with Master potters. Lino Alvarez from Hill End, and Ian Smith from Falls Gallery, Wentworth Falls.

Your Kangaroo series is highly coveted, what drew you to the works of DH Lawrence?
That’s a long story. I came across D H Lawrence’s letters many years ago and was amazed to see that he had spent time at Thirroul on the NSW south coast. After that I read all of his works and he’s still my favourite writer.

You’ve been lucky enough to travel and create art all around the world. What was your favourite place?
Italy of course. Lucio once suggested I visit his hometown, the beautiful Liguria where Lucio’s cousin Mario still resides. I also love Arezzo where my old teacher Jeffrey Smart once lived, and of course I love all the beautiful Italian Riviera.

What do you never leave the house without?
I always leave the house with great expectations and relief.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
At Gordon Public School when I was about eight years old, I became popular for my sketching of comic strip characters.  Then my path was set.

Do you remember meeting Lucio for the first time? How did it go?
I was introduced to Lucio by my friend and accountant, Tom Lowenstein. I was overwhelmed by the warm reception from Lucio which blossomed into beautiful banquets for me and my friends for many years.

What’s your favourite dish at Lucio’s?
The house specialty- Blue swimmer crab

Other than your own, of course, what is your favourite artwork at Lucio’s?
There are a couple of favourites which include Olsen’s joyous works, and my son in law Luke Sciberras’ paintings, but every time I go to Lucio’s I notice other paintings that reveal themselves to me in a new way!

Q&A with GarryShead

Garry’s current exhibition is at Australian Galleries in Paddington until June 30



Garry Shead oil on linen, 137cm x 183cm


Air Zoom Pegasus EM