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Lucio’s Cooking Class Seafood School Tuesday 18 February

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Lucio is at is again. A cooking class at the Sydney Seafood School that is.

And this time he is joined by  good friend and wine expert Piero Tantini,  Sydney-based importer Godot Wines. Piero grew up in Bologna and in 1996 opened the Godot Wine Bar, one of the first wine bars in Italy. He is a judge at the International Wine Challenge in London and has been providing wine training both at university level and in post graduate schools. He also tells a good story.

Bring some friends or just yourself to see Lucio demonstrate some of his favourite seafood recipes with Piero sharing his vast knowledge and providing an excellent wine match.

Start in the fantastic tiered auditorium where Lucio will demonstrate right in front of you. You can ask any questions along the way and then adjourn to the fabulous benches to cook the dishes yourselves with Lucio’s guidance and advice.

Then you all sit down and enjoy the meal you have prepared with the complimentary wine Piero has selected.

You will learn a little, laugh a little and love the experience.

Bookings can be made online at the Sydney Seafood School website or email