Front room: Up to 32 guests


Front room: Up to 32 guests maximum

Each event is carefully & individually tailored to suit your needs with complimentary canapés on arrival, personalized menus and dedicated wait staff as a matter of course.

Minimum spend

17-32 guests
The front room must be booked exclusively for 17-32 guests.
Smaller groups are, of course, also welcome to reserve the space.
The minimum spend is $3500 for lunch or dinner all year.


Seating configuration varies according to numbers and preference e.g.
18 pax maximum for a royal rectangle
26 pax maximum for a U shape
32 pax capacity will be seated at 4 tables of 8
Please see the All Seating Sheet at the bottom of this page.


We do require that you select one of our restricted set menus. All dishes are carefully selected from our a la carte menu – substitutions are of course allowed where possible. A supplementary charge may apply. Due to the seasonality of our menus we do reserve the right to change dishes without notification if necessary.

Set, sharing or alternate service menus start from $70 per person for lunch or $100 per person for dinner. Options vary according to the number of guests booked. See Set Menu PDF at the bottom of this page.

Dietaries – we can accomodate most dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc – please let us know in advance where possible.

BYO Cake – Presented, cut & served $5 per person. With added ice cream $8 per person.


Are charged on consumption. Lucio’s is fully licensed and offers an extensive wine list and beverage selection. Please note Lucio’s is not a BYO restaurant. If you are interested in bringing your own specially cellared wines, please consider our “Your Cellar at Lucio’s” option.


Menus are printed on 160 gsm white A4 stock folded to A5. The front cover is available for your image/logo/wording – please email details – a layout will be sent to you for final approval, time permitting.


A 10% service charge is added to the total bill for all groups of 8 or more and is in addition to the minimum spend.


Payment in full is required at the conclusion of your event. Accounts will not be sent. We require a credit card number to secure group bookings.  We do not process a deposit but we do require specified notice of a reduction in numbers or cancellation to avoid a cancellation fee. No split bills.

cancellation fee

In the event of a no show, reduction in numbers or late cancellation of this reservation an amount of $100 per non-attendee will be debited from this credit card as a *cancellation fee as per the notice requirements below.

Cancellation Notice requirement:  8-16 pax:48 hours   17-32 pax (or front room) :one week   33-54 pax:two weeks

We accept payment via cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club. Please note all credit card payments attract a 1.5% transaction fee.


Group booking form (pdf)
Set menu (pdf)
Wine listt (pdf)
All Seating Sheet


Side dishes

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