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From time to time we will post a seasonal Italian recipe for you to try at home. Some Ligurian, some traditional, some with a twist. ....whatever it is, it will be delicious and do-able.


Pasta e piselli

Hearty soup recipe - yet quick and easy.


Spaghetti with green beans, potato & pesto (video)

Spaghetti with green beans, potato and pesto. A recipe of simplicity and freshness – Lucio Galletto shows Maeve O’Mara from SBS TV how to make a proper Ligurian pesto, which is said to be the best, creamiest pesto in Italy. This combination of pesto, potato and green beans with trenette (a long pasta similar to …


Spaghetti alla Caprese

Spaghetti alla Caprese Spaghetti with tomato and mozzarella dressing Serves 4 This is a classic example of a ‘salsa al crudo’ – hot pasta tossed quickly, off the heat, with raw ingredients, served immediately. Most dressings of this kind need to rest at least 15 minutes prior to dressing to allow the flavours to infuse. …


Recipe – Panzanella Salad

Bread and tomato salad Panzanella This wonderful Tuscan salad will make you think twice before throwing away any stale bread. It’s very summery and makes a lovely accompaniment to a main course or just a lunchtime appetiser. Although it has been around for centuries, the ingredients still vary from place to place. In Florence, cucumbers …


Crostini con Salsa Marò

Spring has sprung - it's broad bean time. New recipe.

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