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From time to time we will post a seasonal Italian recipe for you to try at home. Some Ligurian, some traditional, some with a twist. ....whatever it is, it will be delicious and do-able.

Torta Pasqualina – Easter Pie

The Torta Pasqualina originally had very thin pastry in 33 layers (signifying the age of Christ at death). Over the years it became 20 layers, 10, 8 or even less. In our recipe we use 6 layers of pastry, 3 on the bottom and 3 on top. It is still quite a task for our modern way of life and the size of our modern kitchens. But if you make it properly it will be very rewarding. It is like going to a museum -- but instead of looking at history you can taste it.


Panettone Summer Pudding

This recipe is simple and delicious, joins together Italian Christmas with our beautiful local summer berries and has the added advantage of being made the day prior. You will probably be tempted to make a few of them over the festive season.


Fusilli with cuttlefish and peas

Fusilli alle Seppie e Piselli Looking for an unusual and delicious pasta dish? ¬†Liguria is famous for its combination of the sea and the earth in its cuisine, and this a great example. Ingredients SERVES 4 400g small cuttlefish, cleaned 120ml extra virgin olive oil ¬Ĺ white onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, peeled and …


Rolled rabbit with pistachio stuffing

Coniglio farcito con finocchi. Lucio's mother used to make this delicious roast on winter Sundays for the family restaurant in Italy. It is deceptively easy to make - do try it.

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